COVID has changed our daily lives. It has taken many things from us. In particular for Practice Owners it has taken the live events and this year there looks to be no RACGP Practice Owners Conference and no Business For Doctors (BFD) Conference. 

That means General Practice Owners have gone without education, community and networking for too long and all at a time when we have suffered many changes. This is not the time to be going it alone.

As fellow Practice Owners, we fully understand. And, luckily, we have experience in running large scale digital events for General Practice Owners that we have applied in the creation of the Successful General Practice Owner (SGPO) Digital Conference 2020.

Practice Owners have felt threats to their financial viability, concerns about the safety of their teams and communities, and many have felt overwhelmed. 

Yet this is only the beginning of the pandemic, and the risks for Practice Owners will continue unless we take decisive action.

We have set out to change that! AND we will deliver precisely what is needed by General Practice Owners right at this moment in this special event 

We have out together a fully Digital 2 day event covering the answers to all of the questions on your mind as an Owner.

A Digital Event means:

No travel. At the moment this is difficult and costly anyway so you can remove that from your concerns!

Great value. The event is around 10% of the cost of the same event in person AND there is no travel costs

Experts presenting with solutions geared to your needs on topics that you have chosen

Recorded content available if you miss something or would like a refresh


Meet our professionals

Dr Sachin B Patel

Co-Founder at Scale My Clinic

Dr Todd Cameron

Co-Founder at Scale My Clinic

Kelly Chard

Director at Growth MD

Josh White

Marketing Director at SMRT Digital

Dr Peter Demaio

Co-Founder at Automed Systems

Louis Putter

Co-Founder at Automed Systems

Chris Smeed

Co-founder & CEO at Cubiko

Tom Crapp

Director at Prosper People

Simon Strong

Managing Director at United Health Services Australia

Brendan Idema

Relationship Executive

Todd Hermon

Special Guest Speaker

Marcus Wilson

CEO at Surgical Partners

Peter Treacy

General Manager

Expert Panel

Kelly Chard

Director at Growth MD

Chris Smeed

Co-founder & CEO at Cubiko

Dr Brenda Murrison

Medical Director at Brecken Health Care

Claire Ponsford

Director at Wavelength

Belinda Hegarty

National Head of Healthcare and Professional Services at Commonwealth Bank

Dr Maria Boulton

Director Family Doctors Plus AMA Qld Council Member

Time Saturday 29 Presenter Details
09:00-09:50 Practice Owner Model for Success Dr Todd Cameron How do I safely grow my Practice and not miss anything
10:00-10:50 Elevating employee performance Tom Crapp Am I spending too much on staff?
How do I get more productive staff?
11:00-11:50 GP Recruitment made easy Peter Treacy Where do I recruit GPs?
How do I attract and retain great GPs?
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:20 How do I cut overheads without damaging my business? Simon Strong Where are the easiest savings?
Strategies to reduce wasteful spending in General practices.
What is the impact of a dollar saved on borrowing capacity and valuations?
1:30-2:20 Structuring for Success Kelly Chard Am I paying too much tax?
Am I paying my accountant too much Preventing a Payroll Tax audit?
2:30-3:20 Borrowing to Grow my Practice Brian Wong and Brendan Idema How can I understand the revenue drivers of my practice?
When is the right time to engage the Bank?
3:30-4:20 Automating processes in your General Practice for scale Automed UHow easily can I remove waste from my clinic?
How can I reduce my staff overhead AND improve service to patients?
4:30-5:30 Networking Event
Time Sunday 30 Presenter Details
08:00-08:50 Peak Performance and Mindset Todd Hermon
09:00-09:50 Data driven improvement Chris Smeed How and what should I measure?
How do I compare to others?
10:00-10:50 Marketing without the
AHPRA hassles
Josh White How do I attract new patients?
How do I maintain patient loyalty?
11:00-11:50 Avoiding Shared Debt Recovery
Dr Sachin Patel Whats is SDRS
How do I protect myself?
How do I know when I bank it, I keep it?
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:20 Fraud detection 101 and easy, simple GP distribution solutions Marcus Wilson How do I protect myself from fraud?
What steps can I take to reduce the risk?
GP payments can be a pain, is there an easier way?
1:30-2:45 Expert Panel
“The Future of General Practice”
Dr. Brenda Murrison
Claire Ponsford
Chris Smeed
Kelly Chard
Belinda Hegarty
Dr. Maria Boulton
Where is General Practice headed and how will successful practices look different to those that fail?
2:45-3:00 Closing Session

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